​                                           ​
​                                   A day without pets is like a day without sunshine.                     
                                             And,... pets have always been my peeps.               

My philosophy takes pride in caring for those so dear to my heart and I dedicate my time to caring for pets and their well-being.  I can’t imagine my life without a family pet❣️

My pledge to you in caring for your pet, is as I do my own,... with lots of encouragement and praise.​ I am devoted to spending quality time to develop a bond with each pet and I look forward to each visit. Pets will always deserve our love and care when we’re not there.

​                                                              ❣️  And,....A Bit About Me ❣️

My name is Janine and I have been in love with animals since I could talk.  I've been caring for them since I could walk.  My parents raised German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP's) and they,... practically raised me❣️ I’ve had a GSP,...or two,...in my life ever since❣️


                                                       * Canine & Company's Petology *

To know them is to love them!    And,...most of us know our pets very well and know exactly what they want,... or need.    Communication with our pet/s is no different than communication with each other.     Our pets have feelings and emotions just like we do!    And,...they understand us more than we can imagine.  

Try something special for your fur~kid/s to show them how much you love and appreciate the joy they bring to your life!    I cook a special meal of chicken stew with rice and veggies.    They enjoy the aroma and love every bite!! :~)    And,...be healthier too!!

Having been a pet companion since 1963 I have cared for many animals throughout my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to work in the land animal department at Marine World Africa USA (under the direction of Peter Gross) in Redwood City California.  My very first pet care job!
Caring for the animals of The Gentle Jungle were among my daily duties.  Baby tigers too❣️

College soon came along and I decided to study Design at SF State University.   I practiced residential and commercial design for 20 plus years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.  Designer by trade.  Animal lover at heart❣️

I have always subscribed to the philosophy (whenever possible) to spend life doing what we are most passionate about.  And,.. for me,.. this is it❣️ I think my given name may have some connection.  Change the J to a C (Janine = Canine) and we got dawgs❣️  There's one in my lap as I write this note❣️

Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to have a look around.  I hope to meet you and your pet/s in hopes to provide tender loving care and company for your canine, feline or equine❣️

​​I was one of those little girls that fell 
in love with animals at an early age  and horses were a favorite.  My first time in the saddle was before I was in kindergarten.   

I became a 4-H member when I was in grade school and spent all of my time and most of my waking hours with my Quarter Horses enjoying training for competition,...after homework of course.    
San Mateo County Fair 4-H Showmanship Class: Red Ribbon {;o)