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Pets are wonderful companions and very important family members.   Most pets,...like children, are happiest when kept to their daily routine of personal bonding, exercise and play.   Sometimes our busy work schedules, weekends away or vacations, don't always allow enough time for the love and fun our pets so deserve❣️

Canine & Company is dedicated to providing affordable quality pet care in the comfort of
​your pet's home and familiar surroundings.   Services are specialized with attention to detail for your pet, your property, and to your satisfaction❣️

If only for a few hours or a few days, please consider Canine & Company to assist you in maintaining your pet's daily routine of exercise, love and care.   Your pet will soon come to know a new friend to provide the love and attention that you normally would❣️

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Rescued these guys on Christmas Day 2011   
when walking a couple of peeps.   Met moma a few months earlier and thought she was a neighbor kitty,...but quickly learned she was homelesss and now had 2 kids in tow.  Baby got a home: 1/12/12 and momma got her new home: 1/18/12